Citizens Map a Megacity in Sâo Paulo

Américas, July '04

Américas, July ’04

I traveled several times to Brazil during the early 2000s and made good friends in Sâo Paulo. I became fascinated with Brazil’s great industrial powerhouse. I had never before seen a city so immense, so vast and densely spread out like a human hive. In 2004 the city celebrated its 450th anniversary, so I wrote a short blurb about that for Américas magazine. Later, after another trip, I wrote a feature article about Sâo Paulo. Finally in 2004 I went for four months, on a US State Dept. fellowship that supported my work for the regional planning agency Emplasa.

Vienna Turns Again to the East

Urban Land Europe, Winter 2003

UL Europe, Winter ’03

In Spring 2001, after my visit to Milan, I went to see my friend Dave Stein in Vienna and began to learn about that interesting city. Dave, a friend in grafuate school, already knew the city and its transportation system like the back of his hand. I suggested that we write an article for Urban Land, and Dave came up with the concept, Vienna Turns Again to the East.

What I Learned at Terra Madre

Farming, Spring '07

Farming, Spring ’07

I received a journalism fellowship in ’04 to traverse Europe’s farm markets, but I couldn’t break away til the fall of ’06. I saw cows, goats and pigs in five countries and talked to farmers who leave their wild boars to eat acorns in the forest. I learned about chestnuts in Italy. I produced little journalism from it but wrote this little essay.