Local and sacred

In late 2004 I received a Journalism Fellowship from the German Marshall Fund. Due to work responsibilities, however, I couldn’t leave until a couple years later.

In autumn ’06 I traversed six European countries in search of local food, visiting farm markets, meeting farmers, looking at their cheese making, looking at their pigs, watching wine making in Switzerland, it was really wonderful. I went to a big ‘slow food’ expo in Turin, but what I really liked was meeting farmers and seeing their landscapes. They are sacred landscapes, in the Old World, as I wrote in an article Local and Sacred. The Fund published my article as a commentary in an economic policy report.

Later the following spring I penned an essay for Farming Magazine called What I Learned at Terra Madre, in which I tried to say again what I really loved seeing on the journey across Europe and my reflections on that food expo.

written by Alan
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