A Planner’s work in the Garden City of the Emirates

APA International Div, Spring '16

This article appeared in the APA International Division’s newsletter (2016 pre-conference issue), called A Planner’s work…
It contains a reference to Steve’s white paper, Impending revolution in planning practice

It’s always interesting to watch a real planner at work, and even more interesting when s/he is working 7,000 miles from home. I was in Dubai for a few days last year when Stephen Goldie, an Australian who I first met at a CNU conference some years ago, invited me to visit him in Al Ain. Continue reading

Requiem for Maxwell Street

New City, Dec 28, 2000This article was published in New City, December 28, 2000. The published article may be downloaded here. It provoked an interesting letter to the editor from Chicago artist John Sibley, read John’s letter here. An article about my small role in it appeared in the Chicago Flame in Feb 1999, see that here. The original text of my article as submitted follows below.

The Final Days of Maxwell Street

It’s hard to believe, but a little bit of Maxwell Street still stands in 2001. Continue reading